For the first time ever, DeVante’ Jones is going dancing

After five long years, Jones was set to make his first appearance in the NCAA Tournament.

“We’ve been through so much all year,” Jones said Sunday. “(Michigan coach Juwan Howard) couldn’t coach us for five games. We played games without Hunter, Moussa, (Terrance Williams II).”

But the season didn’t play out as he, or anyone else, expected it to. It was filled with bumps and turns in the road, knocking the Wolverines off track and down a path in the opposite direction of Jones’s dreams.

Fortunately for him, his Michigan teammates did what they needed to against the Rams to give Jones the chance to return, something they had in the back of their mind during the Round of 64 matchup.

But that moment of excitement was abruptly met with a harrowing setback. Jones suffered a concussion in practice early in the week, ruling him out for Thursday’s game against Colorado State.